Nasty, Wet Winter? Try our Technicolor Paradise on a Remote Island 

Our summer operations conclude in New York and Fire Island bu autumn.

Come winter, we offer, very selectively, a private, escape-from-the-world paradise in the Bahamas!




UNPLUG AND GET CONNECTED back to the rhythm of sunrise, sunset, night stars, beach fires and enjoying grilled lobster tails (that you caught!)  aboard the houseboat The Lost Troll or sail aboard one of sister ships Misty and Anacacuya.

One of our Norwegian winter guests came up with the best description of the Troll, calling it a  floating "beach house on a raft."  Could not agree more.  And sailing through the turquoise waters of the Bahama out islands, anchoring off deserted white sand beaches, is a unique, timeless experience.   

This operation is very boutique, and not available to the general public.  "Shipmates" and friends who have sailed aboard Ventura, or aboard Leesome and Windsome are pre-qualified for enjoying Troll.  We are not being elitist or snobs.  It is simply that this is true out island experience.  By sailing with us earlier, we have gotten to know each other enough to truly qualify if this is for you.  

If you are reasonably fit, and willing to combine (and relish) the comforts of a roomy yet rustic setting , you are half-way aboard.  If you like the idea of collecting driftwood for a sunset beach fire, or making big meals featuring grilled lobster tails that we speared earlier in the day (!!!!!) -- you are now almost aboard.  

Life aboard Troll is ideal for two couples.  Quiet, peaceful, stunningly beautiful water, healthy, and immersed in sun, sky, stars and the sea.  Each private charter aboard Troll comes with so many extras, including sailing aboard our twin 35 foot sloops, Ana and Misty.

 This out-island endeavor is made possible by the joint efforts of our Bahamian partner Earl   ("The Governor General of Joe's Sound") Wilson and Captain Pat.  Great friends and partners, they are your guides for exploring those places that local people know or have been shared with folks who relish going off the beaten path.  Captain Owen Ellison often deserts his chilly northern climes during the winter and if you are lucky enough to cruise the islands with him, stand by for some great eating and spear fishing.  First mate Foggy Brooks has made the big leap and now owns the Anacacuya, a classic, 35' Pearson sloop moored nearby, afloat in a sea of the cleanest water in the world. 

So, old shipmates, come enjoy "the out island experience."  Chat with James, Owen or Captain Pat for details.  And meanwhile, enjoy these great pics of life aboard in good old Joe's Sound.