June sailing '14

Ahoy there!

What a wonderfully diverse month of sailing trips aboard the good ship Ventura.  We've had some upscale and casual corporate evening sails during the week, an elegant and fun wedding aboard (officiated by yours truly in formal US Merchant Marine captain uniform) and several Sunday afternoon and sunset sails sponsored by a some very hip bars.  

This month we are also hosting a special fireworks sail on June 29th for the culmination of Gay Pride week.  Be sure to sign up early for this annual tradition as we are always sold out.  (www.smarttix.com sells our tickets.  Type sailing in the search box.)


NEW NEW NEW this year will be our Fire Island fleet!!!!!!!  Two neat little sailboats, each capable of sleeping 2 couples in cozy (as in New York studio apt style) quarters, at anchor off Fire Island or the south shore of Long Island.  Very cool with weekend rentals at $500 per boat.  Check in with me for the details.


OK time to get off this keyboard and start riding Ventura's oh so solid teak decks and go sailing!  Hope to see you aboard!

Capt Pat