Patrick Harris, a/k/a “Captain Pat” has been around the water all his life. His sailing career began at age 10 in the Great South Bay, off Long Island’s south shore. Following college, to his mothers' horror, he signed as an ordinary seaman in the Panamanian Merchant Marine and, jumping ship-to-ship, completed a three-year solo voyage around the world by the late 70s. He sails Ventura in New York harbor all summer and spends his winter spearfishing for dinner in the Bahamian out islands -- or visiting his Viking sweety in Norway. He has owned Ventura since 1987.

Captain Owen "O" Ellison from New York City grew up with small boat sailing in the local waters. One of the longest-serving crew in Atlantic Sail and Charter, he started with the company in the 1990s as a combination deck hand and bartender.  His love of being behind the wheel of the Ventura, coupled with years of navigational and "blue water" sailing skills, allowed him to meet the exacting standards of a US Coast Guard licensed Captain.  We're all proud of "Captain O!"  Sailing with Captain Pat during the winter months through the Bahamas another of his deeply appreciated maritime skills shows up:  He's a great cook!! 

Captain James "Foggy" Brooks, a New York City transplant from Schenectady, began sailing at the ripe old age of six in upstate New York. He gravitated to Manhattan where he eventually co-founded a clothing brand The Elephant Pants - and about the same time found his niche aboard Ventura as a deckhand.  A newly licensed Captain in 2016, James touches passengers and crew alike with his natural upbeat spirit and love of the good ship Ventura.  In winter, he organizes and leads charters aboard Atlantic Sail and Charter's houseboat Troll, in the Bahamas.  He took another big leap in 2013, when he purchased the Anacacuya, a classic, 35' Pearson sloop he is renovating on Long Island, Bahamas.  

First Mate Jake "Jelly" Deter, is a native New Yorker who first began sailing aboard Ventura before he reached double digits as a guest with the bar group d.b.a. His official duties began in 2007 as Cabin Boy, swabbing out the bilges and washing down the boat between charters.  His many years of love for sailing on Ventura and his instinctive study of the boat’s rigging, crew responsibilities and steering has earned him the coveted First Mate title. His passion for sailing and upbeat personality earned him a spot in a great high seas winter adventure, crossing the mighty Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. Jake’s passion for sailing Ventura though New York Harbor is rivaled by the post-charter ‘tot of rum’ celebration and his love of storytelling, which he exercises in the off-season by writing/directing/producing short films. With the Ventura’s rich and jovial history, a chunk of which he is proud to be a part of, Jake’s heart is right at home among the "salty dogs” that keep her afloat.

Aden "BB" Brooks



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Wayne "Wanker" Lewis, San Francisco born, but New Jersey raised, Wayne discovered his passion for sailing on a trip to the Bahamas in 2011.  The talented rookie took the sailing world by storm, earning a reputation for adventure, danger, and just enough swagger to fit in with crews all across the seven seas.  While he's not aboard the good ship Ventura, he enjoys a side job as an engineer designing and developing perfume for some of the top brands in the world.



Matt "Mudd" Nayer