Friday Night Sunset Sails

Open to the public, by reservation only. A 25+ year tradition aboard the good ship Ventura

"The best after-work chill in New York." - The New York Times

 Congenial shipmates on a sunset sail....

Congenial shipmates on a sunset sail....

For many native New Yorkers, this fun, upbeat and casual Friday night sunset sail is a long-standing summer tradition.  Conveniently scheduled to give folks time to leave work and arrive at the dock on a "no worries, mon" time frame.  Boarding begins at 6:15, - 6:30, then after the captain's welcome aboard chat, off we go, return 9:00 (ish).  Sometimes wind and tide bring us back a bit later.  Nobody seems to mind that in the slightest.

Along with the sound of waves and wind on a wooden hull, the friendly atmosphere aboard is accompanied by the buzz of pleasant conversations and our selected fav sailing tunes.  Unique among charter vessels, Ventura encourages our guests to bring along their favorite wines or beers (no hard alcohol permitted) and of course there is never a corkage fee aboard this good ship. Picnic snacks are perfect for the best after the work week happy hours (!) summer chill in the city.

To purchase tickets or for more detailed information -- even a video!! -- click the dates on the calendar below or go to and type sailing in the search box.  You may also call Smarttix at 212-868-4444.  In case of rain -- we've got you covered.  Details on, keyword sailing.

If the Friday Sunset Sail is sold out, fear not! You can purchase tickets to sail aboard our sister ship, Sunset, by visiting and clicking the 'Book Now' button. We are now also hosting some of our Ventura tickets through the Sunset website, so be sure to check availability for the Ventura sails offered through Sunset's website as well!


Saturday and Sunday Afternoon & Sunset Sails

Sail with congenial shipmates sponsored by some of the hippest NYC watering holes

Refreshing libations, great eats, fun people

On most summer weekends, Ventura is chartered by some of NYC's way cool eating and drinking establishments.  These sails all include a variety of specialty craft ales, beers, and sometimes great eats hot off the ship's BBQ!

These sails are usually in the afternoons, from 2:30 to 5:30 and occasionally evenings for sunsets, stars and even fireworks!  Evening sailings are generally 6:30 to 9:30. Times vary according to the best schedule as determined by the host.

Our hosts include Bia, a Williamsburg Vietnamese restaurant/bar (great grilling with BIA) and DoubleWide, a Manhattan fav among those savoring southern comfort food and drink.  For over a decade -- in fact the pioneer of these wonderful afternoon craft cruises --  DBA, located in the east village and Williamsburg, led the  charge across the harbor waters.  Thanks, and r.i.p. Ray and Dennis. Here's one for you from all your shipmates!

Signing up for these cruises is easy: Contact the bars directly and they will make all the arrangements

BIA:  67 South 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Walk on in and purchase tickets at the bar! And while you are there, try the Banh Mi sandwich.  Oh so good, grillin' on the high seas with John.

DOUBLEWIDE: 505 East 12th Street, Manhattan.  Stop on by, grab a beer and loaded tater tots!  Christen, Captain Pat says you rock his boat!

DBA: 41 1st Avenue, Manhattan. Their motto is "Drink good stuff", so stop by one of the first craft beer bars in NYC and try one of their craft selections. While you're there ask them about their upcoming sails aboard Ventura.

Want Advance Notice Of Our Special Sails? VSN!!!!!

An irregularly emailed, upbeat story and announcement of  Ventura's sailing parties that are open to the public

No spam, no pop up ads, just advance info about special sails that you can join

Ventura occasionally hosts unique, special sailing trips. This summer, guests have enjoyed a full moon Saturday night cruise, a "Starry starry night sail to Midnight" and even invites to join some semi-public outings on Saturday and Sundays to enjoy craft beer sails with some of our favorite local watering holes.

For advance notice of these sails, simply plug in your email information and standby for a message from the ship.... emails come periodically, and are guaranteed free of spam, pop up ads, and all that b.s.  (Except of course, when Captain Pat picks up his laptop on some remote Bahamian Island, or a frozen Norwegian mountainside, during the winter.  These tales (some tall, some short) of his Adventures in Paradise are sometimes aided by a splash or two of rum, which may cause some facts to blurr, blossom or be otherwise enhanced...



Click, Read, Enjoy -And Hope To See You Aboard!


Good times aboard, produced unsolicited by our clients and posted for your viewing pleasure

Thanks to all who help document  and preserve the on-going heritage of this most deserving vessel.


     Over her long history, Ventura has appeared in many films, still-photo shoots, museum archives,  and documentaries ranging from personal stories to the drama of September 11, 2001.

     Sometimes she steals the show, other times she is the beautiful background.  As the one blessed with stewardship of this grand old girl for the past quarter-century (!!!!) my personal view is Ventura's elegance, 'vibe' and grace is more a timeless stage and live theatre.  Nature is the director, and those who walk her decks, the players.  Welcome aboard a living, wooden time machine -- Capt Pat.