Hot Summer in the City? Escape to Cool Sea Breezes  

Nasty, Wet Winter? Try our Technicolor Paradise on a Remote Island 

Our summer operations include two sailboats near Fire Island, NY designed for one or two couples.

Come winter, we offer, very selectively, a true escape-from-the-world paradise in the Bahamas!


Enjoy the summer sea breezes off Fire Island aboard sisters Windsome and  Leesome...

These two popular sailboats are set up for your weekend escape -- and also available on a summer-share basis.   Not surprising, our clients find these boats are refreshing alternatives to a summer rental, offering more privacy, ease of access, and bring the joy of sailing!

The Great South Bay After your first sail or two, you may want to consider joining our seasonal sailing club.  The club offers you the best combination of use of the boat and sailing lessons.   This opens the hatches (so to speak) into a new world of independent cruising.  Graduates of our Skipper's level course enjoy much greater access, where you are the captain and qualified to take the boats out on your own.  Truly a gateway.  Levels of the club are beginners, mid-level and Skipper.  Mid-level provides you with the knowledge and skills where you will be an asset on any boat.


Windsome Dockside

Windsome is a 22' Catalina sloop, one of the most successful small boats ever produced. A modern classic, Windsome is laid out with a forward cabin, a separate seating and dining area, and a large cockpit with space for up to 6 people to enjoy an afternoon sail to the beach!    The tiny galley allows you to make your morning coffee and even challenge your culinary skills via a two-burner gas stove.  Small is beautiful.  Simple is relaxing.  Ideal use for Windsome is a weekend dockside or anchored off Fire Island for one or two couples. Easily single handed!  





Leesome is a 23' O'Day sloop, and offers more privacy (in the small boat sense of the word) with her forward cabin.   Like Windsome, she offers a small galley for limited cooking, a built-in ice chest and is a fine weekend escape.  Her cockpit offers room for four people to sail in comfort or hang out for cocktails and watch the sunset. Qualified sailors find her very easy to single hand, thanks to her roller furling jib, and electric start outboard engine for getting to and from the dock.  One of Captain Pat's favorite ways to relax is to be aboard Leesome during a rain.  Place yourself aboard, stretched out on her long, portside bunk, candle light, a glass of rum in one hand, and a good book in the other.  Try it. You'll love it!  


GETTING THERE...  Windsome and Leesome are conveniently located within a short walking distance from the Patchogue (Long Island) rail road station.  Both boats are a pleasant 10 minute walk from the train.  Trains run frequently from Penn Station and an express train takes under an hour and one-half.  

ALL YOU NEED IS THERE.... Well, almost all.  As far as the boat is concerned, you have pots, pans, plates, cups and utensils for 4.  A small, quality food deli is silly close to the dock, selling ice (don't forget the ice!) sandwiches, salads, and some very nice weekend snacks, beers,  and other provisions.  Captain Pat, being of Irish heritage, recommends you bring your own favorite wines or other delicious alcoholic beverages.  The nearest liquor store is a schlepp.  So it's almost all there.

ENJOY YOUR DOCKSIDE EXPERIENCE TOO!  Many times guests come out and spend the weekend dockside.  We provide you with a small rowing dingy, perfectly suitable for taking to four bar/restaurants within stroking distance of your dock.   Free wifi is available when you are tied up at our dock, or when chilling in our tiny, private and way cool (literally air conditioned) dockside bar and lounge, "Bagos."