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Starry Night Sail to Midnight


First, the sailing details… Cruise is this Friday night, July 18.  It replaces our regular Friday Sunset Sail, which has been sold out for a private party.  And not wanting to leave our regulars high and dry, so to speak, we decided to have some fun and offer something way, way different.

Just like our regular Friday sunset sails, you are welcome to bring along your own favorite wines, ales (no hard alcohol permitted) and any snacks you wish.  We will also put up our self-serve, keep track of your own tab, honor bar.  (A highlight: Lagunitas beers on ice!)  Ticket pricing is the same low price, and as always, tickets are available via  (FYI one of the reasons we like using Smarttix so much is that the owner and founder is a sailor and old acquaintance of Captain Pat.  Loyalty runs deep on the good ship Ventura!)

Now what about this strange, ghostly, Caribbean legend?  OK, first the facts.  He’s dead.  So we’ve conjured up his closest living likeness, one of our own legendary crew, Jake Deter.    And since Jake is a film student (and noir fan) here in NY, the natural logic is he’d somehow be a perfect Pablo Escobar.  The make up department on the Ventura (i.e. the engine room) yielded a roll of old vinyl electrical tape.   Makes a damn fine resemblance to Pablos famous facial hair on Jakes baby face.  Kinda sorta.  Maybe.  But hell, it’s going to be dark out.


Why Pablo Escobar ?  What has that to do with your spiritual, liquid benefit aboard? Turns out another Ventura client runs a very hip club in Aspen, Colorado, named Escobar.  Said same client also produces a line of high quality vodka, appropriately called Escobar (silver).  It will be coming to the NY market soon.  So for the sake of promotion and just plain old hokey fun, Jake will be Pablo for the night.  His main mission will be to pour to you, dear shipmates, a round or two of this fine vodka as we sail past the Statue of Liberty, en route home to North Cove.  Free, gratis, without charge and no money down.  And in costume.


So that’s the scoop.  And FYI King Neptune is not entirely flipping over in his watery grave.  That’s because rum may be a sacred sea tradition, free booze trumps all!

And to your own, ever-lasting personal party fame, when all hands are served out their ration of grog, there will be our official Ventura toast!  Ye olde sea dawgs will truly love that one too, as does our patron saint Neptune.  You gotta be aboard to learn the toast!

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