For planning an event or private party aboard, here is some helpful info.

Number of passengers, qualifications:  Ventura very comfortably sails with up to 28 persons aboard.  Ventura meets and exceeds the very high standards of the United States Coast Guard for passengers in New York Harbor.  Significantly, this is also a very comfortable number, for it allows guests plenty of seating and presents an atmosphere of style and comfort.  No cattle car, crammed in or commercial feel here at all!  Gracious, fun, up scale and yet casual.  Ideal for conversations.

Insurance:  Ventura is fully-insured by a maritime underwriter.  So are our guests.   For any event, our clients may also request -- as part of our customized service, for no fee -- to be an "additional insured" for the duration of their sail. Many of our larger corporate clients appreciate and take advantage of this convenience. 

Sailing by our client's best schedule:  Our clients appreciate that Ventura's sailing schedule is built around their best schedule.  This is unique in New York and accounts in large part to Ventura's popularity among busy event planners. Most popular times for evening entertaining during the week, is  6:30 to 9:30 pm.  Afternoon outings for two or three hour cruises vary somewhat around 12:30 to 3:30 pm.  During the weekends, Ventura is most often chartered for those birthdays that end with an "0" or special family/friend events.  The yacht is available at anytime with 8:00 to 11:00 (or even midnight) the most popular times.

Food Service:  Simply put, our food and beverage is exceptional.  Each spring our summer menus are customized by an executive chef who personally knows the yacht and our service.  The Chef then prepares our menus, which we in turn forward to you.  Shortly before you board, your food comes directly from oven to boat.  Old favs are kept and newest trends are offered! 

Beverages:  Exclusively, Ventura's very own "Sailing Sommelier" selects the wines we offer aboard, paired to compliment our menus.  Whites, reds, sparkling, still (and a seafaring traditional surprise) all await.  We also feature a unique variety of craft and popular beers and ales packed in ice on deck in solid mahogany coolers.  Stylin'!  Soft drinks and bottled water aboard of course.

Ownership IS Management:  Ventura has been operating in New York Harbor every summer for more than 25 years, and under the same ownership and management.  No other charter yacht matches that number.

Accountability:  Your crew and captain work directly with you in the planning of food and make recommendations on our route to give you the best sailing experience coupled with your goals. So lots of questions before the sail are always welcomed -- and answered by those who will be your shipmates!

Contact Us Directly:

Ventura is owned by Captain Patrick Harris. Feel free to contact him directly at our offices via 212-786-1204 or email to