What happens if it rains?

First the odds: Based on two+ decades of experience in New York Harbor, the odds of rain on the day of your sail are less than one in 15.

In case of rain, it's your call. 

Ventura is capable of sailing rain or shine, and offers sheltered cabin space for all guests. So for the adventurous, dedicated sailors, off we go, rain or shine.

In the event of rain, Ventura clients may reschedule their sail. When rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance, the reschedule fee is 15% of the charter price. A sail can also be rescheduled on the day of the sail for a 50% reschedule fee. This is a valuable tool for busy event planners, particularly those who have chosen our various sail-and-dine packages.

We are weather-watchers on board Ventura, and are pro-active in communicating to you about the forecast.  We will give you up-to-the-minute weather forecasts.  And P.S. In case it starts to rain during a sail, we have emergency rain gear for all hands! (You can even wear the rain gear home.)

And of course, if in our professional judgement, if the captain feels weather conditions represent a danger to the safety of the passengers, we will stand-down.