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S/V Ventura

70 feet | 25 Guests | Commissioned: 1919

About Ventura

For planning an event or private party aboard, here is some helpful info.

Number of passengers, qualifications:  Ventura very comfortably sails with up to 25 persons aboard.  Ventura meets and exceeds the very high standards of the United States Coast Guard for passengers in New York Harbor. Significantly, this is also a very comfortable number, for it allows guests plenty of seating and presents an atmosphere of style and comfort.  No cattle car, crammed in or commercial feel here at all.  Gracious, fun, up scale and yet casual.  Ideal for conversations.

Insurance:  Ventura is fully-insured by a maritime underwriter.  So are our guests. 

Sailing by our client's best schedule:  Our clients appreciate that Ventura's sailing schedule is built around their best schedule.  This is unique in New York and accounts in large part to Ventura's popularity among busy event planners.

Food Service:  Simply put, our food and beverage is exceptional.  Each spring our summer menus are customized by an executive chef who personally knows the yacht and our service.  The Chef then prepares our menus, which we in turn forward to you. 

Beverages:  Exclusively, Ventura's very own "Sailing Sommelier" selects the wines we offer aboard, paired to compliment our menus.  Whites, reds, sparkling, and cocktails mixed upon request await you aboard Ventura. We also feature a wide variety of craft and popular beers packed in ice on deck in solid mahogany coolers. Soft drinks and bottled water aboard of course.

Ownership Is Management:  Ventura has been operating in New York Harbor every summer for more than 25 years, and under the same ownership and management.  No other charter yacht matches that number.

Accountability:  Your crew and captain work directly with you in the planning of food and make recommendations on our route to give you the best sailing experience coupled with your goals. So lots of questions before the sail are always welcomed -- and answered by those who will be your shipmates!




A Grand History....

From the drawing board of America's greatest yacht designer, Nathanael G. Herreshoff, the world's most successful and powerful racing yachts took form.  Their venue was the peak of international yacht racing, the America's Cup.  Their time the "Gilded Age" of the late 1800s.   Testament to Herreshoff's naval architecture genius was the magnificent yacht Reliance - considered the the most powerful single masted vessel ever built. 

Ventura's documented status among America's landmarks is attributed to her Herreshoff pedigree and longevity.  She is a rarity among rarities, as one of the very few large Herreshoff yachts left in the world. Records of her history and that of "Captain Nat" are found in many great institutions including Harvard, M.I.T., the venerable Mariner's Museum, and the Smithsonian.  Modern media over the past several years have also featured Ventura on CNN, the BBC, Good Morning America and as far as the Tokyo broadcasting company NRK. 

A true wooden ship, Ventura's hull is solid mahogany, decks are Indian teak, and her hollow wooden mast is made of American spruce. She is 70 feet long, weighs 28 tons and very comfortably carries up to 28 passengers and crew.  Records indicate she was commissioned in 1919, launched in late 1920 or early 1921, and saw her first full season at a private mooring on Long Island's "Gold Coast" of Oyster Bay in 1922.   She was originally owned by philanthropist George Baker (founder of today's Citi Bank) and sailed primarily as Mr. Bakers' private duck hunting yacht!



Yacht Specs:

Port: North Cove Marina - New York, NY

Capacity: Up to 25 guests

Crew: 3 including Captain, 4 with galley assistant

Rig: Cutter Rigged Sloop

Length: 70'

Year Commissioned: 1919